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From Mon May 12 13:19:59 1997
Date: Sun, 11 May 1997 19:32:59 +0800 (SST)
From: Big Bear 
Subject: songs

 Song name : It's hard to make a stand
 Aritiste  : Sheryl Crow
 Album     :'s her second album

  okay...this song consists very simple chords and you can even play along
with the cd. However please note the strumming . it is...(note:
the chords are correct but the lyrics aren't, forgive me if the lyrics are
wrong )

Intro :    C F C F

(this goes on into the song until you come to the bridge....)
                   C  G     F G
     and he said call me miscreation
       F     C       F G
     I'm a walking celebration...
                C        F
chorus : It's hard to make a stand (3x)

(and this goes on and on.....)

any suggestions or improvments pls e-mail me. thanx. Enjoy playing !

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