Barry White chords with lyrics by Shigeto - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Shigeto – Barry White chords

DIt is what it is
It is what it is
DIt is what it is
It is what it is [Verse 1]
DI was born in the abyss
Throw out the I ain't even had shit
DMiles couldn't pay the rent
Eat big then we had the residents in
DBad bitch could throw us in
Hangin' on my balls like a fucker on a
DAt the same coordinates
CYou be payin' more horrors than the mortgage
DPaint colors like
Bitch's on a date, she gon' give me that Gucci
DGet taut like
I ain't no D [Verse 2]
DCruisin' gory
DBitch went down the wrong road like Dorothy
Dsmell horrid
DMama put flowers on the grave, that's a
Orthodox oracle, bitch I'm tryna paint this shit historical
Dcame out deported
Kill these niggas 'cause they ain't even boardin' D [Verse 3]
DYou suicidal, I'm a survivor
I'mma fix the pump like MacGyver
DMake a bitch nigga perspire
Make a bitch nigga expire
DMoney on my dome just like hair folacles
DI'mma run the hole like geronimo
DI'mma run the hole like cardio
D [Verse 4]
DSo high, know where to find me at
DBut I feel so low, hypochondriac
DGettin' grands in the a.m., that's a Pontiac
F#But I'm up late night like insomniac
DThey gon' hand me that pussy
AI'mma spin those racks, fact
DAll day, say I'm feelin' like I'll take a nap
But I'm up last night like a momma at F# [Verse 5]
DYou the only one I'm meant for
A BmYou the only one I stand for
C#Up late night, crescendo
Only one, let the [?] go Only one, let the bong go
C#I wanna live in the smoke
Would you die for?
A#mBleed out
I'm so sore
A#mYour heart hurts
C#That's a overload, that's a overdose
Your heart hurts
C#That's a overload, that's a overdose
Feel like I laid twice
C#Caricatures in my sky
Sayin' they watch me so
A#m C#So, I stay up all night
A#Devils in the sky
C#Dancin' on the floor
Devils in the sky They dancin' on the floor
C#Oh, you know I like your ensemble
But I know your love is a problem
C# F#mCan't control it, I smoke it, explosive, yeah, yeah
A F#m B F#mYou know I'm on it, I'm on it, I want it
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