Shihad – Walls chords

From their 'Pacifier' era, great song.

em7 Cadd9 G G/B [x2] [VERSE 1]
em7 Cadd9On your own to - day
G G/BLost with no di - rection
em7 Cadd9They took your dreams away
G G/BAnd stripped you of protection
em7 Cadd9 G G/BBut there’s a light that won’t burn out
Cadd9When your heart is screaming out
Is screaming [CHORUS]
Bm Cadd9It doesn’t matter where you are
D Cadd9 There is life behind the walls around you
Bm Cadd9It doesn’t matter where you start
DWon’t be long, won’t be long, long until
Cadd9The walls around you are gone
em7 Cadd9 em7 Cadd9 [pause] (no guitar) [VERSE 2]
em7 Cadd9 G G/BOn my own again with open invitation
em7 Cadd9 And the world I’m in
G G/BIs such a new sensation
em7 Cadd9 G G/BBut there’s a light that won’t burn out
Cadd9If your heart begins to doubt
Bm Cadd9Maybe a path to glory
D Cadd9It maybe a road to dust
D Cadd9 DIt maybe there’s one great story in all of us
Cadd9In all of us yeah
Bm Cadd9(cos when the walls a re closing in)
D(Another day begins)
Cadd9(As the last flame flickers out)
Bm Cadd9Cos there’s something good in us
D Cadd9Cos there's something good in us
Bm Cadd9There must be something beautiful in us
etc etc...
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