Shiny Toy Guns – You Are The One chords

Shiny Toy Guns
"You Are The One"
From the album "We Are Pilots"
Tabbed by: Nathan Tien

Verse 1:

AmBlack rose and a radio fire
C/G GIt's so contagious
AmSuch something changing my mind
C/G GI'm gonna take what's evil
AmYour cover melting inside
C/G GWith wide eyes you tremble
Am Kissing over and over again
C/G GYour god knows his faithful
Dm FI try to digest my pride
C/G GBut passions grip I fear
Dm FWhen I climb into shallow vats of wine
C/G GI think I almost hear but it's not clear
Am G/B C/G You are the one
G/B AmYou'll never be alone again
G/B C/G G/B You're more than in my head you're more
Verse 2:
AmSpin faster shouting out loud
C/G GYou can't steal what's paid for
AmSuch something hurting again
C/G GMurder son she's painful
AmYou so believe your own lies
C/G GOn my skin your fingers
AmRunaway until the last time
C/G GWe're gonna lose forever
Dm FWhen you try don't try to say you won't
C/G G Try to crawl into my head
Dm FWhen you cry cause it's all built up inside
C/G GYour tears already said, already said
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