Shizuka - Redline 95 tab

			     Redline 95 - Shizuka

         Am                   F
And when people step out this red line 
     G                 Em
I'll never let them to go
      Am                      F 
Never laugh cause this is the dead end 
         G                      Em
Is it my end before it start to show 

         Am                   F
And when people step out this red line 
        G                   Em
Mean no other place need to go 
        Am                 F
Let the future past in the mean time 
          G                   Em
Faces the griefness here all alone 

Chorus : 
       F               G
It was you call me and told me 
        Em                  Am
Help me out and shine up my life 
G      F          G                  Am
It was u call me again tell I am without 

G      F               G
It was you call me and told me 
           Em                Am
Blur up my eyes and left me alone 
G      F               G             Am          Em
It was you told me the lies I always spoke


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