Shooting Blanks – No One Knows tab

From the "Are you lookin' at me?" album.

Chords used:

G: 320033
D: XX0232 (Sometimes alternated with xx0233, mostly on changing chords)
C: x32010 (Sometimes alternated with x30010 in chorus)
F: 133211
Em: 022000

Intro: G D C x 2


G         F                 Em
Everybody wants a piece of my time
G                    F            Em
They always ask dumb questions, and drink my cheap red wine
G                      F                   C              F
I get so tired I want to run and hide, and scream into my pillow
G                F                Em
Oh dear Lord, if you could see me now


G           D           C
How will I know when I find
G           D                  C
Love in my heart, peace in my mind

Thats it, the same chords are used throughout. The part of the song
starting with "Why are we here in this space and time" also uses
the chorus chords, and the breaks use the verse chords.

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