Shovels And Rope – Lay Low chords

Standard Tuning, Capo 5

Intro C - F

F CWell I probably should be
G AmDrug out to sea
F CI can’t hurt no one
G AmAnd no one can hurt me
F CAt least I’d be free
F AmAnd probably I’d see
F C G Am What caused me to be so detached completely
Jumpin’ rope Through a thick cloud of smoke Fumblin’ through all of the letters and notes The ones that you wrote Do they keep me afloat Or just wrap around my throat like a noose on a rope (Probably both)
C GSo lay low
Am FBaby
C G Am GI won’t be back anytime soon
C GIf it gets too
Am Flonely
C G CI will follow you around in this tune
I don’t know what to do What I’d do if I knew But we go through our day And get by and get through But my heart is with you You probably knew your love is like glue So lay low Baby I won’t be back anytime soon If it gets too lonely I will follow you around in this tune So lay low Baby Just for a little while more If you can’t keep waiting I will find my way back to your door Jared from MD
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