Show Of Hands – Country Life chords


 Downtuned 2 semitones from standard(DGCFAD)

Wooooah     x   2

Am C G Working in the rain, cutting up wood, it didn’t do my little brother much good
Am C G Lost two fingers in a chainsaw bite, all he does now is drink and fight
F G Am Dsus2 FSells a bit of grass, hots up cars, talks of travel, never gets far
F G Am Dsus2 FLoved his kids, left his wife, an everyday story of country life
Am C G And the red brick cottage, where I was born, is the empty shell of a holiday home
Am C G Most of the year, there’s no one there, the village is dead and they don’t care
F G Am Dsus2 FNow we live on the edge of town, haven’t been back since the pub closed down
F G Am Dsus2 FOne man’s family pays the price, for another man’s vision of country life
Wooooah x 2 (Chords as above) And my old man is eighty four, his generation won the war He left the farm, forever when they only kept on one in ten Land and gentry, county snobs, where were you when they lost their jobs Noone marched or subsidised to save a country way of life I'm singing wooooah x 2 (Break.)
Am Silent fields Empty lanes
G Drifting smoke Distant flames
Am Picture postcard Fields on fire
G Cattle burning in funeral pyres
F G Am Dsus2 FOut to graze, they look so sweet, we ate the blood we wore the meat
F G Am Dsus2 FBuy me a beer i’ll take my knife and cut you slice of country life
I’m singing Wooooah x 4 (back to verse chord structure) If you want cheap food, well here’s the deal, family farms are brought to heel By the hammer blows , scythes and scale, foot and mouth; the final nail A coffin of our English dream, lies out on the village green Where I grew balance, cap in hand, strip this green and pleasant land Of meadow, woodland, hedgerow, park What remains gets built upon No trains, no jobs, no shops, no pubs, no where to run Country life country life country life (pause)
AmIt’s a little bit of country - life
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