Show Of Hands – Stop Copying Me chords

Whispered; Stop Copying Me

G G F FShe lost her heart to the boys in the band,
F F G GAnd everywhere the word she spread,
G G F FWith every track made, they want another new fan,
F F G N.C.And one day the publisher said:
GStop copying me,
FThis songs mine,
CYou got last one free,
GYoull pay next time,
GI got ripped and burned,
FWhen you heard me,
CNow the worm has turned
GStop copying me
G G F FI found another round robin just clogging up the mailbox,
F F G GStuffing all the holes in my head,
G G F FWith school plays, birthdays, trips around the Earth days,
F F G NCChuck it in the trash I said:
(Each line repeated by backing/ audience)
GStop copying me,
FYoure not my friend,
CIf you press cc,
Gthen you press send,
GWhy dont you call?
FI might be free,
CPick up your phone,
GAnd stop copying me
(Use barre chords to emphasis the key change)
C CYou know I got no space to hang around on Facebook,
G GOr give my front page another tweak,
C CWith mindless wittering, another twat twittering
D D N.C.If I communicate I speak:
G G F F Plagiarisation, dissertation, I’ll nick another essay from the net,
G G F F I been 3 years wasting, cutting and pasting, now Im £30 000 in debt
GStop copying me,
FLets use these words,
CUnseal our lips,
GLets all be heard,
GTake one deep breath,
FThe air is free,
CIn the time thats left,
GStop copying me,
FStop copying me,
CStop copying me,
GStop copying me!
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