Showbread – Until We Meet Again chords

First time chucking something up on here. Really cool song, just had to learn it. 
Comments appreciated.

C F C Am GMy dearest friend, if I sing you this song, will you hear it from up in heaven?
C F C Am GIm still down here in this ugly place, but up theres where Im heading
C F C Am GWhen they tell you Im coming, please wait for me in front of the house that Ill live in
C F Am G And when Jesus walks me up to the door, I can finally see you again
F G C Am Its true that my heart was broken in two on the day I said goodbye to you
F G C Am GAnd I carry an ache inside of my chest until Jesus makes everything new
C F C Am GThose that we loved that left before us must have been thrilled beyond words
C F C Am Gwhen you ran through the gates and into the kingdom and up to the feet of my Lord
C F C Am GOnce sick and frail, once weak and pale, now made perfect and new
C F C Am GNo more aching and crying, or breaking and dying, finally home in the arms of who loves you
F G C AmWhen you run and you play in the light of the Son, hold me in your heart and mind
F G C AmI Dont know how and I dont know when, but Im leaving this cold place behind
F G C AmHow my heart aches to think of the day when my faith shall finally be sight
F G C AmWhen the crowds will part and cheer as I come, as I walk through toward the light
C F C Am GAnd my father, my love, Jesus, my king, in His glory, seated on His throne
C F C Am GHell take me in His arms as the crowds cheer and sing and say "Well done child, welcome home"
F G C AmAnd Hell walk me to the house that He built with the fathers love and the carpenters touch
F G C Am CmajAnd youll run to me and Ill hold you again, for my friend, I have missed you so much
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