Sia – Im In Here chords

Am D C EI'm in here, can anybody see me here, can anybody help?
Am D C EI'm in here a prisoner of history, can anybody help?
Chorus: ----------------------------------------------------
F G Am ECan't you hear my call, are you coming to get me now
F G Am EI've been waiting for you to come asking me
F G Am E D F I need you to hold, all of the sadness I am not, living with
G Cinside of me
Am DI'm in here, I'm trying to tell you something
C ECan anybody help?
Am DI'm in here, I'm calling out but you can't hear
C ECan anybody help?
Chorus -------------------------------------------------------- Bridge:
C G E Am DI'm crying out I'm breaking down, I'm feeling old
F G c Stuck inside these walls there is nothing left for me
EIs anybody out there?
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