Silence 4 – Cry chords

CRY (by Silence 4)
Key:  Bm

Standard Tuning

Intro - Bm G Em F
Bm G Em F

Bm GAnd then she said
Em FWhat's that on your eyes
Bm G Em FShe touched me. Yes I was crying.
C D Am Am Bm1 AmFor many years I've tried
C D Am Am Bm1 Ambut now I'm to tired to hide.
G# A F# G# A F#No reason why. Just need to cry.
Bm GAnd then she said
Em FI'm sorry I asked.
Bm G Em FShe kissed me and took this pain of my chest.
C D Am Am Bm1 AmEach tear that fell down
C D Am Am Bm1 Amvanished in the ground.
G# A F# G# A F# G
G Riff1No need to dry, just need to cry.
Outro - Bm G Em F
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