Live Again tab with lyrics by Silent Civilian - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Silent Civilian – Live Again tab

			     live again intro - silent civilian
Tabbed by: sean crow
AIM: black0range555
Tuning:  CGCFAd           This is only the acoustic intro...i cheked out the
                          tab by "brythepie" and i couldnt get the
                          intro sounding right (maybe just me tho)
                          and i play it a way which im certain works!

d|-----------------------------------6---6---6--------------------|A|----------------10----5---5---5---------------3-2-2-3-3h5p3-2-3-|F|---10---10---10-10----------------------------3-2---------------| play 3xC|-0----0----0-----0---------------5---5---5----3-2---------------|G|--------------------3---3---3-----------------0-0---------------|C|----------------------------------------------------------------|
if u dont think its right send me comments and corrections but im 99% sure it works (i i may have miss one chord straight after the first tho)
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