Silent Sanctuary - The Saddest chords

Title      :	The Saddest V.2
Artist     :	Silent Sanctuary
Album      :    Mistaken For Granted

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Intro: G , C , Am 2x

C C Am G C AmI hate seeing you looking down, A beautiful face wear a frown
Em Em/F# C Em Em/F# Am Look up so I can see, Look up so I can see
G C Am G C Am Hold still enjoy your pace, In time the picture will fade
Em Em/F# C Em Em/F# F Look up so I can see, Look up so can I see
G C Em C With a melancholic symmetry, of second movemnts in symphony
G C Em A million fireflies on a tree
Em-C-D-EYou burn, you burn the brightest for me
Instrumental: A9 , D9 4x
(Do Chords Patten: A9 , D9)You eyes speak the saddest lines
A poet could write Give me a chane to make them smile (Repeat Stanza) Coda:
D A Make them smile 4x
F#m G#m/F#m D Look up so I can see
F#m G#m/F#m ALook up so I can see
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