Silly Wizard – Ramblin Rover chords

Guitar chords for the chorusand verses are the same and repeat until the end of the song 
in this progression:
Dm F
F G Cthe song begins with the chorus. For some reason the formatting for this tab is changing
as I post it. Chord changes should be on the following words; men, ninety. Never, girl. But. Roam, over. together, face, world. Any corrections are welcome!
COh, there're sober men in plenty,ÿ
CAnd drunkards barely twenty,ÿ
F CThere are men of over ninetyÿ
Dm FThat have never yet kissed a girl.ÿ
CBut give me a ramblin' rover,ÿ
CAnd fair Orkney down to Dover.ÿ
F CWe will roam the country overÿ
F G. CAnd together we'll face the world.ÿ
There's many that feign enjoymentÿ From merciless employment,ÿ Their ambition was this deploymentÿ From the minute they left the school.ÿ And they save and scrape and ponderÿ While the rest go out and squander,ÿ See the world and rove and wanderÿ And are happier as a rule.ÿ I've roamed through all the nationsÿ Ta'en delight in all creation,ÿ And I've tried a wee sensationÿ Where the company, did prove kind.ÿ And when partin' was no pleasure,ÿ I've drunk another measureÿ To the good friends that were treasureÿ For they always are in our minds.ÿ If you're bent wi' arth-i-ritis,ÿ Your bowels have got colitis,ÿ You've gallopin' with bollockitisÿ And you're thinkin' it's time you died,ÿ If you been a man of action,ÿ Though you're lying there in traction,ÿ You will get some satisfactionÿ Thinkin', "Jesus, at least I tried."ÿ
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