Silly Wizard – Loch Tay Boat Song chords

G Bm C D GWhen I've done the work of day and I row my boat away
Em C D G Em Am DDown the waters of Loch Tay when the evening light is fallin'
D7 G Bm C D GThen I look towards Ben Lawers where the afterglories glow
Em C D G Em Am D GAnd I dream on two bright eyes with a merry mouth below
C D GSheUs my beauteous nighean ruach [nighean ruach = red-haired lass]
Em C D GShe's my joy and sorrow too
Em C D GThough I own she is not true
Em Am DAh, but I cannot live without her
D7 G BmFor my heart's a boat in tow
Em C D BmAnd I'd give the world to know
Em C D GIf she means to let me go
Em Am D GAs she sings horee horo
G Bm C D GNighean ruach, your lovely hair has more beauty I declare
Em C D G Em Am DThan all the tresses fair from Killen to Aberfeldy
D7 G Bm C D GBe they lint, white, gold or brown, be they blacker than the sloe
Em C D G Em Am D GThey mean not as much to me as a meltin' flake of snow
C D GAnd her dance is like the gleam
Em C D GOf the sunlight on the stream
Em C D GAnd the songs the wee folk sing
Em Am DAh, they're the songs she sings at milkin'
D7 G BmBut my heart is full of woe
Em C D BmFor last night she bade me go
Em C D GAnd the tears begin to flow
Em Am D GAs I sing horee horo
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