I Remember Me chords with lyrics by Silver Jews - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Silver Jews – I Remember Me chords


C F CHe almost walked into a wall
C F COh, man, she was a sight to see
C Am FAnd at the party down the hall
C F CHe said, "you are the highest apple in the tree"
C F COut the window, in the harbor he saw a little ship
C F C The moon was worn just slightly on the right
C Am F And they slow danced so the needle wouldn't skip
C F C Until the room was filled with light
F And I remember you
C And I remember me
E The sunshine walking inside you
AmAnd the man you could see in me
FSo I remember me
CAnd I remember you
ESo many beautiful days in a row now
AmAnd the nights were perfect, too
C F CHand in hand down a waterslide in Chattanooga
C F CThey did not hide from love, you see
C Am FA winter's plane flight to Aruba
C F CWhere he threw a boombox into the sea
C F COne day they were cutting flowers for something to do
C F C On the bank of the road 'neath the cotton woods
C Am F And he turned to her to ask if she'd marry him
C F CWhen a runaway truck hit him where he stood
FSo I remember you
CAnd I remember you
FAnd I remember you
CAnd I remember me
FAnd I remember me
EA blackhawk nailed to the sky
AmAnd the tape is from the trees
C F CEverybody said she needed to move on
C F CThat he was all but lost, so deep was his coma
C Am FWhen he finally came to the girl he loved was long gone
C F C She'd married a banker and gone to Oklahoma
C F CHe bought a little land with the money from the settlement
C F CAnd even bought the truck that had hit him that day
C Am F He touched the part where the metal was bent
C F C And if you were there you wouldn't hear him say
FI remember her
CAnd I remember him
FI remember them
CI remember then
F I'm just remembering
CI'm just remembering
FJust remembering
CI'm just remembering
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