Silver Jews – Blue Arrangements chords

B Bmaj7 B7I see you gracefully swimming with the country club women
E C#m Bin the Greenwood southside society pool.
A EI love your amethyst eyes and your protestant thighs
B F#you're a shimmering socialite jewel.
B Bmaj7 B7From the Carbon Dioxide Riding Academy
E B C#m Bto the children's crusade marching through the downtown.
A EWell I think I'd die see, if you just said hi to me.
B F#When something breaks it makes a beautiful sound.
ESometimes I feel like I'm watching the world
and the world isn't watching me back. But when I see you, I know I'm in it too.
BThe waves come in and the waves go back.
EThe kids in the corner all covered in dirt.
Caught trespassing under the moon. My father came in from wherever he'd been
Band kicked my shit all over the room.
AAll over the room
EAll over the room.
[Instrumental] B Ebm* A Am E
E Ebm*The room is dark and heavy with what I want to say.
A EI see murals in the radio static and on your blue blue jeans.
B* Ebm*What would you say if I asked you to run away?
A EIt's been done so many times I hardly know what it means.
E Ebm*I took these blue arrangements and threw them in the sea
A Ewhen older waves from older caves brought them back to me.
B* Ebm*I took these blue arrangements and stored them on a shelf.
AWith change on the mantle and time in a candle,
Ein the end a boy raises himself.
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