Black And Brown Blues chords with lyrics by Silver Jews - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Silver Jews – Black And Brown Blues chords

D GBaby lets get dressed up,i got 2 pairs of shoes,
D GAnd darlin' you look so beautiful,when your hair is all hung in jewles,
Em A7And sometimes I find it realy hard to choose,
Em A7Between a pair of black and a pair of brown shoes,
D GWhen I'm high on bat wings up on the silvery moon,
D GI dream of a a certain sad eyed king trapped in his golden room,
Em A7And I dream of a cold river on the way,
Em A7To come and sweep this king into a black and brown day,
D GWell the water looks like jewlry as it's coming out the spout,
D GNothing makes me feel better than a wet kiss on the mouth,
Em A7Fake I-Ds and hunny bees the jaged skyline of car keys,
Em A7I never new a bird could fly so low,
D GRub out the catlight, rub out the village,
D GRed and white exit light and the exit is damage,
Em A7Why don't people think of who they use,
Em A7Why dont you try to come and get me black and brown blues,
D GIt's raining tripple sack in tula and the raidio plays crazy train,
D GThere's a quadrent ball in the bee-hive hanging out in the rain,
Em A7When there's trouble i don't like runnin' but i'm afraid i got more in common,
Em A7With who I was and who I am becoming,
D GWhen I go down town I always wear a corduroy suit,
D GBecause it's made of a hundred gutters that the rain can run right through,
Em A7Sometimes i find it really hard to choose,
Em A7Between a pair of black and a pair of brown shoes.
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