I'm Getting Back Into Getting Back Into You chords with lyrics by Silver Jews - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Silver Jews – I'm Getting Back Into Getting Back Into You chords

[Verse 1]
DBaby, won't you take this magnet
G DMaybe put my picture back on the fridge
D G AI must've been crazy to let you get away like you did
D GLike a brown bird nesting in a Texaco sign
EI got a point of view
DAnd the kicker is that
AI'm getting back
G DInto getting back into you
[Verse 2]
DI guess over time we became ducks
G DI never seemed to see you much
DThen the world turned, time got away
G AWe fell out of touch
DI've been working at the airport bar
G EIt's like Christmas in a submarine
D AWings and brandy on a winter's night
G DI guess you wouldn't call it a scene
[Verse 3]
DNow my ex-wife's living in the suburbs
G DWith her guru and her mom
DNow she finds her consolation
G AIn the stardust of a bong
D G EYou can call it a spinoff, say it's a knockoff, title it part two
DBut I'm getting back
AInto getting back into
G DGetting back into you
DI'm getting back
AInto getting back into
G DGetting back into you
************************************ | (n) Ghost note
| h Hammer-on| p Pull-off
| b Bend| / Slide up
| \ Slide down | ~ Vibrato ************************************
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