Silverstein - The End tab

This Is "The End" (Featuring Lights)

Title: The End
Artist: Silverstein
Album: A Shipwreck In The Sand
Tuning: 1/2 Step

Every tabbed version of this truly excellent song was very incorrect, so I learned 
it by ear on my own and decided to tab it.
I honestly have no clue how accurate this is, i'm sure some parts of it are the 
exact way the band plays, and others aren't. I looked for a live version to verify 
any doubts I had but was unable to find anything helpful.

But the point is it sounds very very close to the album track. Enjoy.

The Following Chords Are Used In This Song:

Cb5 Cb Emaj9 Gbsus4 Ab5 E5e|--------3-----------x-----------x-----------x-----------x-----------x---|B|--------X-----------x-----------5-----------3-----------x-----------x---|G|--------5-----------5-----------5-----------5-----------2-----------5---|D|--------5-----------5-----------x-----------x-----------2-----------x---|A|--------------------3-----------3-----------3-----------0-----------3---|E|--------------------x-----------x-----------x-----------------------x---|
Any acronyms or symbols I use are pretty straightforward / = slide po = pull off ho = hammer on x = dampen I think those are all you'll need to know for the tab. Again, the tuning is 1/2 step down. Everything else about the tab I will let you learn for yourself, i.e. strumming pattern, fingering, etc. simply because everybody plays differently and any tips I give will not accommodate every reader. You can find the song on YouTube in case you don't have the mp3 to go off of. So go figure it out and have fun. Intro:
e|-----------------------------0-----------|\ ,--------, \ /B|------------------3po1-----------1-------| \ | \ /G|-------------------------2-----------2---| \ | \ /D|-----------------------------------------| \ | \ /A|---(MUTE)000000(MUTE)--------------------| \ | \ /E|-----------------------------------------| \ | \/ ) ------| /\e|-----------------------------0-----------| / | / \B|------------------3po1-----------1-------| / | / \G|-------------------------2-----------2---| / | / \D|---(MUTE)333333(MUTE)--------------------| / | / \A|-----------------------------------------| / | / \E|-----------------------------------------|/ '--------' / \
On 4th time play:
Bridge 1: Cb5 Cb Emaj9 Gb7sus4 You were the sun Cb5 Cb Emaj9 Gb7sus4 I was the one who worshiped you. Cb5 Cb Emaj9 Gb7sus4 My hands were your guns Cb5 Cb Emaj9 Gb7sus4 Your eyes were my muse. Chorus: Ab5 Cb E5 Gb7sus4 Emaj9 Gb7sus4 And I knew you could never love me Ab5 Cb E5 Gb7sus4 Emaj9 Gb7sus4 I had so much sorrow inside, you could ne - ver Ab5 Cb E5 Emaj9 Gb7sus4 E5 Reach, but can I still keep Ab5 Cb E5 A place in your heart? Bridge 1: You broke my heart You promised me the moon and Stars. I fell for your dreams. I fell for your Lies, there was no other way you know I tried Chorus: And I knew you could never love me I had so much sorrow inside, you could never Reach, but can I still keep A place in your heart?
__________________________________________________________________________|Bridge 2: ||_________________________________________________________________________|| |\ ||e|---xxxxxxxxxx---xxxxxxx---xxxxxxx----------------------| \ ||B|---xxxxxxxxxx---xxxxxxx---xxxxxxx----------------------| \ ||G|---2222222222---4h55555---4h55555----------------------| \ ||D|---2222222222---2222222---2222222----------------------| \ ||A|-------------------------------------------------------| \ ||E|-------------------------------------------------------| \ |
| | \ ||e|---xxxxxxxxxx---xxxxxxx---xxxxxxx----------------------| \ ||B|---xxxxxxxxxx---xxxxxxx---xxxxxxx----------------------| \ ||G|---0000000000 --4h55555---4h55555----------------------|----------> 5X ||D|---5555555555---2222222---2222222----------------------| / ||A|---3333333333------------------------------------------| / ||E|-------------------------------------------------------| / |
| | / ||e|-------------------------------------------------------| / ||B|-------------------------------------------------------| / ||G|-------------------------------------------------------| / ||D|---3333333333 --3333333333---2222222222---0000000000---| / ||A|---3333333333---3333333333---3333333333---3333333333---| / ||E|---3333333333---1111111111---1111111111---1111111111---|/ |
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~' | | | |There is something, I want you to know | |I think you know exactly what it is | |I didn't want to save you,I didn't want to save you | |I set our house on fire, to watch it burn -But I couldn't just leave you | |(There) | |_________________________________________________________________________| Chorus: And I knew you could never love me I had so much sorrow inside, you could never Reach, but I'll ask you this Will you still miss me? (Yes I'll miss you) Do you love me? (Yes I love you) Bridge 2: Planes fill the Sky, we'll Both die tonight, we'll both die tonight Hands from the Sky, swat us Away like flies, as we follow the light Planes fill the Sky, we'll Both die tonight, we'll both die tonight Hands from the Sky, swat us Away like flies, as we follow the light We'll both die tonight We'll both die tonight Swat us away like flies (We'll both die tonight) As we follow the light (As we follow the light) Ending: It's so short and simple I didn't bother tabbing it. Whenever I perform the song I always stop early on the final Ab5 chord. So I never learned it. Because, in my opinion it sounds better without it. But here are the lyrics if you wanna mess around. This union, a battle fought and lost This union, was not about the cause This union, was never about love...
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