Silverstein – My Heroine Acoustic chords

Ok i've done my research and 99% of this is right! enjoy

   G  D  B Em  C Em7

e: 0  2  0  0  0  0
b: 3  3  4  0  1  3
g: 0  2  4  0  0  0
d: 0  0  4  2  2  2
a: 2  0  2  2  3  2
E: 0  0  0  0  0  0


e:---------------------------------------| [x4] You can start singing on theb:---------------------------------------| third time aroundg:-------0---------------------0---0--0--|d:---9--------0-------0----0------0--0--0|a:----10---10------10--------9---9--9--9-|E:-0------------8-------10---------------|
e:-----------------------------------------| [x2]b:-----------------------------------------|g:---------------------------------12---12-|d:----------0------12----------------0----0|a:----10------10------10-----10-------10---|E:-12----12------12------12-----12---------|
C DAnd breath starts to shorten <------(strum down)
and heartbeats pound softer
Em C D the strumming pattern isyou wont try to save me (down down down up down up down up)
Em C D after every D is played add the pinkyyou just want to hurt me to the D on the third fret first string
C and strike (down up down up down up down)and leave me desperate
D Em Em7 strumming pattern isyou taught my heart a sense (down down up down up down)
Cthat i never knew i had
D Em Gi can't forget the times that
C Di was lost and depressed from
Em Em7the awful truth how do you do it
D <-----(strum down)you're my heroine
Verse 2
Em C Dyou wont leave me alone
Em C Dchisle my heart out of stone
Cyou get me everytime
Chorus <-----------------------(at the end of this chorus add G chord)
B Emi bet you'd laugh at the thought
D C D Gof me thinking for myself
B i'd bet you'd believe that i'm
Em D better off with you than
Csomeone else
Intro (your face arise ...)
Em D C <-------(strum down)I'll break you my habit
Em C D Em(mute)I will save myself
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