Simon And Garfunkel – 59th Street Bridge chords

Capo 5

C G D GSlow down, you're movin' too fast.
C G D Ggot to make the morning last.
C G D G just kicking down the cobble stones;
C G D Glooking for fun, and feelin' groovy.
C G D Ghello lamppost,whatcha' knowin?
C G D Gcome to watch your flowers growing.
C G D GAin'tcha' got no rhymes for me?
C G D GDoot ta doo doo, feelin' groovy.
scat doo doo doos
C G D Gi got no deeds to do, no promises to keep.
C G D Gi'm dappled and drowsy and ready to sleep.
C G D Glet the morning time drop all it's petals on me.
C G D Glife, I love you, all is groovy.
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