Simon Brading - This Is Life chords

This Is Life
Simon Brading / Newday 2008
Tuning: standard
Key: F#Source:
CAPO 4 Verse 1:
EmOh let the poor rejoice now
C G DFor every blessing we've received in Christ
EmOh let the weak be strong now
C G DThe resurrection power of God is in us
Pre Chorus:
Am CTreasures come and treasures can go in a moment
G/B DBut Jesus You're eternally mine
Em G DYou are all that I need
C G DYou are all that satisfies me
Em G DWhat can the world offer now?
C GThis is life, this is hope
DI am free
Verse 2: For all this world can offer And all the pleasures I can gain on this earth I count it all as worthless Compared to knowing Jesus Christ my Lord Bridge:
G DI'm made rich through the gospel
Em CI'm made strong in the Lord
G DThank You God of salvation
C GYou're my life, You're my hope
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