Simon Finn - Jerusalem chords

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			     Jerusalem - Simon Finn

This is based on the live version. I'm not sure whether he plays these exact
chords on the album version, but they seem to fit the song. 
It's basically just three chords - C (or C/G), Em and Am - with a slight
variation on the D string. Tabbed out, it would look something like this:

C Em Ame|--0--0-0-|-0--0-0-|-0--0-0-|B|--1--1-1-|-0--0-0-|-1--1-1-|G|--0--0-0-|-0--0-0-|-2--2-2-|D|--2-p0h2-|-2-p0h2-|-2-p0h2-|A|--3--3-3-|-2--2-2-|-0--0-0-|E|-(3--3-3)|-0--0-0-|--------|
I've marked the spots in the lyrics with the letters ph, but listen to the song and watch the live videos for the exact timing. Tuning: Standard Intro: C (ph) Em (ph) Am (ph) Em (ph) C (ph)
C (ph) Em (ph)The smell of newly cut corn
Am (ph) Em (ph) CCame sifting through the palm trees
C (ph) Em (ph)My eyes they were blinded
Am (ph) Em (ph) CBy the sun reflecting on the seas
C (ph) Em (ph)One hundred dozen mermaids
Am (ph) Em (ph) CSmiled as I passed through the haze
C (ph) Em (ph)The sound of familiar voices
Am (ph) Em (ph) COf yonder days
C (ph) Em (ph) Am (ph) EmJerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem
Em (ph) C Oh no, no
Chord pattern repeated throughout the song.
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