Simon Schofield - You chords

Simon Schofield - You http;//
Tabbed by Michael Hawthorne

Tuning: Half Step Down (D# G# C# F# A# D#)
Chords Used: F C Dm A#

Intro (Pick these notes listen for best progression)
F C Dm A#  x2

F C Dm A#I cant fly, with broken wings, whenever I try, no matter how high
F C Dm
A#and i cant sing, the sad old song, whenever I do, it brings me to you,
F C Dm
A#and I wont cry, but I wont lie, I'm finding it hard, I'm falling appart
F C Dm
A#But I can't seem, to let it go, the moment I do, this picture of you.
F C Dm
A#and I cant keep, these memories, from fading away, I wish they'd stay
F C Dm
A#and I won't cry, but I won't lie, I'm finding it hard, to open my heart
F C Dm
A#to say goodbye, I won't ask why, just follow your star, to wherever you are
Fand I won't cry.
Note: I play all my music with the tuning to suit my voice, if your vocal range is suited for another tuning please use the transcribe feature to transcribe to standard tuning or to your liking. Mail me for requests
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