Simone – Three Wishes chords

Three Wishes
 Mama Spiritual Publishing (c) 2009
Words & Music: Bryan Kezer & Simone Star
F G Bb C- - - - - - - - -
Bb CLivin on a fine line but we never really care about our
F GUp time when the clock is runnin out on all our
Bb CGood times and though the people stop and stare when they re
F Glooking at the way I rock and roll
Bb CWorkin in a Soup line you ll come to find your way out at the
F GRight time what you re really all about is just more
Bb CDeadlines when you re livin on the edge and you re the
Eb Fonly one who never sold your soul
G Eb CIf you had 3 wishes what would you do?
G Eb CNow you have 2 wishes that much is true.
G Eb CIf I had just one wish you know what I d say?
G Eb CI d wish for 3 more wishes, every day.
[Repeat intro section] [Use same verse pattern above] Prayin for a sure sign all the while you re sleeping on a Goldmine when you re ripe and getting heavy on the Grapevine when the day is running out and you re the only one who ll ever reach your goal. Waitin for the sunshine to reach the open waters with your Lifeline the only friend you ve ever had was on a Hotline cause you were living on the edge and that s the only life you ll ever really know. Guitar solo around intro section Bb C Eb F G
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