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Hey guys! This Band Is Awesome And I Just Had To Put This Tab Out. Here It Is! Enjoy!

E------------------B----------9/1010/9G---9-7-9-7-------- RepeatD------------------A--7-7-7-7---------E------------------
do that a couple of times then go to thisE-----------------B-----------------G-----------------D-99999999-77777777A-99999999-77777777E-77777777-55555555
VerseE------------------B------------------G-9xx99999--------- I'm not gonna work in the StrummingD-9xx99999-9xx99999 i think that you guys can find itA-7xx77777-9xx99999E----------7xx77777
During SoloE--------B---------G-9xxx7777D-9xxx7777A-7xxx5555E---------
Sorry I Don't Have The Solo, I'll Work on It. If There Are Any Questions Or Comments E-Mail Me At
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