Sister Hazel – All For You2 tab

BY: Sister Hazel
Album: Somewhere More Familiar
Lyrics by: K. Block
Music by: K. Block and Sister hazel

Transcribed by: Lee Bennett

Capo 1 fret 


Am D Finally I figured out Am D But it took a long, long time Am D But now there's a turnabout Am D Maybe cause I'm trying Em Am Em There's been times, I'm so confused Am Em All my roads, they lead to you Am D I just can't turn and walk away G C(9) Am D G It's hard to say what it is I see in you C(9) Am D G Wonder if I'll always be with you C(9) Am D G But words can't say, and I can't do C(9) Am Enough to prove, D G C(9)G It's all for you I though I'd seen it all Cause it's been a long, long time But then we'll trip and fall Wondering if I'm blind (pre chorus) (chorus) Em Am Rain comes pouring down Em Am Falling from blue skies Em Am Words without a sound Em D Coming from your eyes Solo: G C(9)Am D G (repeat) (Repeat first verse) (pre chorus) (chorus) G C(9) It's hard to say G C(9) It's hard to say D G C(9)G It's all for you
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