Sisters Of Mercy - Afterhours tab

Tempo : 46 bpm
Tuning : Standard


Main Line (Riff 1):

Riff 2:
Riff 1:e|------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------|G|-------0--------------0---0---------------------|D|-----2--------------2-------4/5/4-2-------------|A|---2--------------2------------------2----------|E|-0--------------0-------------------------------|
Riff 2:
INTRO : Bass : Main Line VERSE 1 : Bass : Main Line Lyrics : one more night spent on your mirror black Maria, in your eyes this stuff so strange and lonely England fades away in your eyes two o'clock in the morning ninety-four degrees BREAK 1 : Bass : Main Line Guitar : Riff 1 x2 BREAK 2 : Bass : Riff 2 Guitar : Riff 2 x4 VERSE 2 : Bass : Main Line Lyrics : through the stillness through the heat the cars go by on Fifth and breathing slow get up off the floor and angel put your clothes on it's time for us to go let's take a ride BREAK 1 : Bass : Main Line Guitar : Riff 1 x2 BREAK 2 : Bass : Riff 2 Guitar : Riff 2 x4 …and then repeat Main Bass Line / BREAK 1 until fade.
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