Six Part Invention – Only For You tab

song; Only For You
band;six part invention
Tabbeb by: Joctire//

       This song is dedicated to Miss Joyces B. Cabalda,,, 
                      "Hey Cutie,, Ingatz ka lagi ah!!"
                              LOVE U ALWAYS...
       please rate po!!! maganda 2,,,   

E A E I, I have been waitinÂ’ all my life A For someone like you E A E You, you make me feel like I knew A All because of you REFRAIN B C#m Gotta make this right now, baby B C#m A I come and get into your life now, baby CHORUS E B I can be all you want me to be A B When everythingÂ’s fallinÂ’, IÂ’ll still be here A B C#m If your feelinÂ’ is fadinÂ’, IÂ’ll still be waitinÂ’ for you A Only for you INTERLUDE verse 2 do it like verse 1 Now, now is the right time to say The things left unsaid We, we can make this work for love All because of love [Repeat REFRAIN] [Repeat CHORUS] AD LIB REFRAIN B C#m Gotta make this right now, baby B C#m A I come and get into your life now, baby [Repeat CHORUS] Woh woh wohh
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