Six West – I Will Wait chords

I love this song and there are no tabs for it any where! Enjoy!
Capo 3rd

D C Em D

G EmAnother song is over, I wonder where you are
G D C Em DMy faith is growing colder, always countin' on the stars
Em CJust one last let down baby, tell me something new
G DI'm tired and so frustrated; am I better off without you?
G EmI don't have to wait
D CYou're far too late, for me to stay
G Em DI won't have to cry, About your lies
CThe love just died
G D Em C I'm gonna fly away this time
G EmAnother night forgotten, waiting for your call
G DYour face is slowly fading from the picture on my wall
Em CJust one more heartbreak baby, but I never see the pain
G DI gave you all I had to give, Now there's no more love to take
Repeat Chores
D GI remember how it used to be, Just you and me
D C GAh, give me time to explain, I wanna make it all okay
G* Em* D*I, I will wait, It's not too late
C*For us to change
G DI, I will wait, It's not too late
C For us to change
G EmOh, I don't have to cry
DI look in your eyes
C And I'm alright
G D EmWe're gonna fly away this time.
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