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Six60 – Green Bottles tab

Cant believe this song isnt here yet! one of my six60 favourites, this is pretty
 much what the whole song is based around however i did this in a few minutes so
 its not dead accurate but gives you a base to work around. with a song like this
 just go with what feels right. Enjoy :)

these are the chords used however i never did musical theory so i dont know the chord
 names but i can show you the formations

1st 2nd 3rd 4thE---3--------5--------7--------5---|x make sure you dont hit these 2 stringsA---3--------5--------7--------5---|x or itll sound too happy . lolD---4--------6--------7--------6---|G---5--------7--------9--------5---|B---5--------7--------9--------7---|E---3--------5--------7--------5---|
1st 2nd 3rd 4thE---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G----------------4---------------6--------------7--------------6-h-7-6--0---|D----------------5---------------7--------------9--------------5-----5--0---|A---------3-h-5------------5-h-7----------7-h-9---------5-h-7---------------|E---0-h-3------------3-sl-5--------5-sl-7---------0-h-5---------------------|
Thanks :) hope that helped Liam
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