Skeeter Davis - End Of The World tab

Artist: Rob Dickinson (Catherine Wheel)
Track: End of the World
Album: Fresh Wine For Horses
Tabbed By: Donal Kelly

Am = 002210
C  = 332010
C' = 320010
G  = 320033

+---3-5---5-7-------3-5---5-7-------3-------3----------|+-5-----------5---5-----------5---5---3---3---1--1-3-5-| -> Am+------------------------------------------------------|+------------------------------------------------------|+------------------------------------------------------|+------------------------------------------------------|
Am Em Am Em G F Am Am Em Breath the air again it's a beautiful day Am Em I wish this moment would stay with the earth some primal paradise Am Em There you go again, saying everything else Am Em F Saying you can depend on anything, or anyone Am C Am If the end of the world, was near C C' Am Where would you choose to be C C' G F if there was five more minutes of air C C' Am Where would you choose to be Em F Would you panic and hide C or run for your life Am F or stand here and spend it with me C C' G If we had five more minutes (of air) F G Am Would I, could I, make you happy Am Em Am Em G F Am We would live again, in the simplest of ways Living day after day, like some primal animals and we would love again, under glorious suns with the freedom that comes, from the truth (Chorus) So it finally came to pass, I saw the end of the world I saw the madness unfold, like some primal burial I look back upon, aaarrrrrr-mageddon And the moment of truth between, you and me Em Am (repeated) C C' Am F G When we had five more minutes of air to breath C C' Am F Em And we cried all through it, but you spent them with me C C' Am F G And our last few drags of air we agreed F Em Am I was, and you were, happy
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