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Skunk Anansie – Pickin On Me tab

Skunk Anansie - Pickin on me

This is one of my favourites from Skunk Anansie and pretty easy to play. So here it is. 
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Chords: Em C D (For the intro repeat that part two times)Em C D----2p0---- ----3p0------ ----5p0------|----0------ ----1-------- ----3--------|----------- ------------- -------------|----2------ ----2-------- ----4--------|----2------ --3--3------- --5-5--------|-0--0------ ------------- -------------|
and then, at the end of this part comes this
Part II------------------------------12----------|------------------------------12----------|------------------------------12----------|-0--2h------------------------12----------|-0--2h------------------------12----------|-0--3h-------0----------------12----------|
This way it goes the whole verse: Em C D (without Part II) Em I saw a weird boy C D He looked at me with a look of pure hate Em Nobody knew C All the grief D where he'd been Em he was a sad boy C D he was a victim of a dirty good time Em C D feely games in the back of his boarded up estate Chorus: D C Em soon enough, he's pickin' on me, kicked my head in 'cos that's all that he'd seen D C Em Part II soon enough he's picking on me picking on me Verse 2: Em I told my teacher C D she look at me so indifferently Em C D her whole night was spent marking paper red tape Em so I had to learn to fight C D kicked her sister 'cos I had no respect Em so here's the start of another war C D you against me Chorus: D C Em soon enough he's pickin' on me D C Em kicked my head in 'cos that's all that he'd seen D C Em Part II soon enough he's pickin on me, pickin on me ----End-----
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