Winter In Me chords with lyrics by Skylar Grey - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Skylar Grey – Winter In Me chords

Intro: Am F Am G F G Am F Am F

Verse 1:
Am FWhen the autumn colors pass
Am GThrough the season's hourglass
F G AmOnce again, there is winter in me
Verse 2:
Am FWhen November's grass is browned
Am GBy the frost upon the ground
F G AmIt is then, you'll find the winter in me
Interlude: F AM F Chorus:
C G Am FBut underneath the fallen snow
C G Am Lies a harvest yet to come
F CFor just as spring is guarenteed
Am GLife is etched into the seed
F G AmTime to welcome the winter in me
[pause] Outro: Am F Am G F G Am F Am
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