Skyway Flyer – The Coast chords

The Coast
Jason Munday and Alex Carpenter

INTRO: D A Bsus2 A G A   x2

D F#mWell drive in my car
Gbarre Putting the top down
AIn the cool ocean air
A F#mFeel your warmth on my skin
Gbarre The sky is cerulean
ANowhere else can compare
G Bsus2 AOur troubles far behind
(And miles away now)
G Bsus AWe cant be confined
(Never again) CHORUS:
DOn the coast
AIt all works out
Bsus2Ill watch the sun as
A G It sinks in the sea
ARight before me
DOn the coast
AIt all feels right
Bsus2This moment fits
A GAs day gives way to night
AIll hold you tight
G DReflecting on your shades
AWeve got it made
Bsus2And like champagne
G DIn a paper cup
AIts not enough
Bsus2to be embraced
G DCos in another life
AIts filled with strife
Bsus2A minotaurs maze
G DDive into these thoughts
ATheyre all weve got
Bsus2These better days
REPEAT CHORUS and INTRO Chords Used: D xx0232
F#m 244222Gbarre 355433
A 002220 G 300033 Bsus2 224422
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