Slackers – Our Day Will Come tab

                    Our Day Will Come
Words & Music by Bob Hilliard & Mort Garson Version in G
and Ruby & the Romantics 1963 Verson in Eb
This Version by the Slackers and Doreen Shaeffer in F
Tabbed By Mario C.

  F          G#    Gm               C
Our day will come     and we'll have everything;

F               G#     Gm            C
We'll share the joy     falling in love can bring;

Cm             F
No one can tell me that I'm

     Bb             Bbm        Am
Too young to know I love you so,

   G#          Gm     C
And you love me.

 F            G#     Gm           C
Our day will come,    if we just wait awhile;

 F            G#     Gm               C
No tears for us      think love and wear a smile.

   Cm                F
Our dreams have magic because

       Bb             Bbm        Am
We'll always stay in love this way.

 Dm  Gm    C     F
Our day    will come.


E -----------------------------------------|B -----------------------------------------|G ----10-----------------10—12—/-14—12—12--|D -------10--12—13----12-------------------|A -----------------------------------------|E -----------------------------------------|
E --------------------------------------------|B --------------------------------------------|G ----10-----------------10—12—/-14—12—12--14-|D -------10--12—13----12----------------------|A --------------------------------------------|E --------------------------------------------|
E -------------------------------------------|B ----13----------13-------------------------|G -------12—14-15----15—14—12—10-12/14—10—10-|D -------------------------------------------|A -------------------------------------------|E -------------------------------------------|
E --------------------------------------------------------|B ------------------------------------10------------------|G ----12-12/13---10—10-------------------9-10-10/12-10-10-|D ----------------------10---13—12------------------------|A ----------------------------------13--------------------|E --------------------------------------------------------|
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