Slaid Cleaves - Lydia chords

Key of Eb, capo 1, play in D

D / G / Bm / A

D G Bm ALydie lit a cigarette today
D G Bm AAncient fumbling fingers in her way
G Bm A G From a forty year old coffee cup she sipped a bit of gin
Bm A GClosed her eyes and let the memories in.
She lives in the old place all alone, Keeps in touch with neighbors by the phone Grows roses on the graves of her firstborn and his father And the coal trucks never bother her
D Bm A G Oh Lydie, let him go the boy is gone
Bm A GHer mother struggled as she tore him from her arms
D Bm A GOh Lydia your tears are heavenís rain
Bm A GBut she never was the same
A cotton dress and satin shoes Indian summer sun, dressed in amber hues Spending time with a coal minerís son To an old time fiddle tune The months went by just like a breeze that year, They wed in June, and by the fall the boy was here Word come down from Big Stone, thereís a fire in the mine And eleven men they couldnít find Chorus Break She watched them pull him from the hole, The overalls he wore were blackened by the smoke, Lydie twice had had this dream and twice it had come true And when she saw his fatherís boots she knew. Chorus Verse 1
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