Slapshot - Watch Me Bleed tab

 didn't figure out the solo thing yet but here's the rest

Intro/versee|-----------------------------B|-----------------------------G|-6---------------------------D|-6 X8---7------4-------------A|-4------7-X4---4-X4---------E|--------5------2-------------
Chorus- timing might be a little off just listen for ite|-----------------------------B|-----------------------------G|-----------------------------D|-666--4-6-77777-------------A|-666--4-6-77775-------------E|-444--2-4-55555-------------
Break thing (at 1:05) listen for timing againE|-----------------------------B|-----------------------------G|-6-6-6--6-7-11-12----11-----D|-4-6-4--4-9-11-12-X5-11-X5--A|-4-4-4--4-9- 9 -10-----9-----E|-----------------------------
and thats it-just play the verse under the solo
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