Slash's Snakepit - Jizz Da Pitt tab

Jizz da pit
Slash's Snakepit
It's five o'clock somewhere

Tabbed by:     Stix Taimur

This whole song is practically a solo so I just tabbed the main riffs and chords.
This song is also obviously played with extreme speed and intensity, so tap most
of the notes instead of striking the strings themselves.

Intro: (Main riff)|-------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------||------------2--------2--5-0-4-2--0--4-2-0--||-12/0-0-4---0-0-4--------------------------| * Sorum's sticks are clicking violently
E5 E5 D5 D5 C#5 C5 B5|-------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------||---9--9-x----7--7--x----6---5---4----------||---9--9-x----7--7--x----6---5---4----------||---7--7-x----5--5--x----4---3---2----------||-------------------------------------------| * The pattern is rushed
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