Slaughter And The Dogs – Where Have All The Bootboys Gone tab

Band: -Slaughter and the dogs
Title:- Where have all the bootboys gone
tabbed by:- faizal aka manaic
Tuning :- Standard e a d g b

Introe-----------------------------------B-----------------------------------G--5-5-----4-4-----2-2--------------D--7-7-----7-7-----4-4-----5-5---5-- X 1A--7-7-----7-7-----4-4-----3-3---7--E--------------------------3-3---7--
Verse. I jus put down the chords figure out howmany times u need to play each chord urself.--------------------------------------------------------------------------5-----4-----2-----------------------7-----7-----4-----5---5----------- X 2--7-----7-----4-----3---7------------------------------ 3---7-----------
PreChorus. [Palm mute]. same thing, figure out how many timesu need to play each chord urself...-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3-----5--------------------------- X 1 --5-----7-----------------------------5-----7---------------------------
Chorus. yeah2 u noe it figure out how many times u needto play each chord urself...--------------------------------------------------------------------------5-----4-----2-----------------------7-----7-----4-----5---5----------- X 1--7-----7-----4-----3---7-------------------------------- 3---7---------
Thats fairly the whole song. except for the solo...too lazy to tabbed it out. ;) It seems strange now that anyone could associate the band with Oi music but it just goes to show what can happen when you name a song of yours with boot boys in the title. :) -This is my first tab any question jus mail me at -Enjoi-
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