Sleeping At Last – Silhouettes chords


sorry I didn't find the intro

C Em you wrote your name in invisible ink,
F G for you were so afraid of what they might think.
Dm Embut the scars they left, they were loud and clear,
F Gweren't they? weren't they?
when it's too much to bare, memories erase. a disappearing act, deserving of our thanks. when it surfaces, just hold your breath and swim. just swim. you begged and begged for some kind of change: maybe they'd wake up tomorrow and regret the pain that they've passed down to you like DNA, but no luck, no luck. it seems only by the hand of God or death, will they truly change their silhouettes. for a miracle or a consequence, you wait and wait... C-Em-F-G-Dm-Em-F-G x2 ... maybe distance is the only cure? far away from hurt is where healing occurs. but all you really want to do is make them proud, don't you? don't you? it must be so hard, in the mess you're always cleaning up, to believe in the ghost of unbroken love. but i promise you, the truth is that you're loved. so loved.
F G Cyou're loved. so loved.
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