Turning Page chords with lyrics by Sleeping At Last - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Sleeping At Last – Turning Page chords

Hi there!  This is a lovely song that was written
for Breaking Dawn Part 1.  The lyrics capture Edwards 
feelings for Bella perfectly!  It's so sweet:) This song
is played on the piano and I think these chords are perfect 
but the strumming can be a bit tricky getting into a rhythm. 
Just listen to the song to get the strumming/chord changes 
down.  I'm trying to come up with a picking pattern (with
my limited skill and all...lol!) and will post a tab if I 

   *******************Have Fun!********************

Standard Tuning w/
Capo on 3

Intro (Listen closely for the chord changes)
C   F   C   F

C I've waited a hundred years
FI'd wait a million more for you
C Nothing prepared me for
(C)What the privilage of being yours
FWould do
G Am If I had only felt
F C GThe warmth within your touch
AmIf I had only seen
F C GHow you smile when you blush
AmOr how you curl your lip
F CWhen you concentrate enough
GI would have known
Am F -onceWhat I was living for all along
CWhat I've been living for
C Your love is my turning page
FWhere only the sweetest words are made
C Every kiss is a cursive line
FEvery touch is a redefined phrase
G Am F I surrender who I've been
C GFor who you are
Am FNothing makes me stronger than
C GYour fragile heart
Am FIf I had only felt how it feels
C To be yours
GThen I would have known
Am FWhat I've been living for all along
CWhat I've been living for
(F) GWho would tether
FTo the story we must tell
GWhen I saw you
FWell I knew we'd tell it well
GWith a whisper
F We will tame the viscious scenes
GLike a feather
C -very soft...... F -once Bring the Kingdoms to their knees
Have fun and RATE:) cristy♥twilight
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