Sleeping At Last – Turning Page chords ver. 3

okay so this is how it is played on piano but transferd to guitar.. for the inro and 
interludes just pick the chords.. erm hope its alright thanks :) x

Eb Ab I've waited a hundred years I'd wait a million more for you
Eb Nothing prepared me for
AbWhat the privilege of being yours would do
Bb Cm If I had only felt
Ab EbThe warmth within your touch
Bb CmIf I had only seen
Ab EbHow you smile when you blush
Bb CmOr how you curl your lip
Ab EbWhen you concentrate enough
BbI would have known
Cm Ab / / / What I was living for all along / / Ab Eb/G Fm Eb (start broken chords) What I've been living for
EbYour love is my turning page
AbWhere only the sweetest words are made
Eb Gm Every kiss is a cursive line
Cm Bb AbEvery touch is a redefined phrase
Bb Cm Ab I surrender who I've been
EbFor who you are
Bb CmNothing makes me stronger than
Ab EbYour fragile heart
Bb Gm AbIf I had only felt how it feels
EbTo be yours
BbThen I would have known
Cm Am (F G G
Eb F G G Eb)What I've been living for all along
Eb [Bb F G Eb
D Eb] x6 x2 x2What I've been living for /C /Bb /C
AbThough we're tethered
/Bb /AbTo the story we must tell
/BbWhen I saw you
/AbWell I knew we'd tell it well
/BbWith a whisper
/AbWe will tame the viscious scenes
/BbLike a feather
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