Sleeping At Last – Someone To Watch Over Me chords

[Verse 1]
E Adim BThere's a somebody I'm longing to see
C#m A B EI hope that she turns out to be
F#m A B ESomeone who'll watch over me
B [Verse 2]
E Adim BI'm a little lamb who's lost in the woods
C#m A B G#mI know I could always be good
F#m A ETo one who will watch over me
B [Verse 3]
AAlthough I may not be the man some
F#mGirls think of as handsome
C#mIt's my heart she carries the key
E Adim BWon't you tell her please to put on some speed
C#m A B EFollow my lead oh how I need
F#m A B ESomeone to watch over me
B [Verse 4]
E C#mThere's a saying old says love is blind
E F#Still we're often told "seek and ye shall find"
A B ESo I'm gonna seek a certain one I've had in mind
[Verse 5]
E C#mLooking everywhere, haven't found her yet
E F#She's the big affair I can not forget
A B C#mOnly one I ever think of with regret
G#m C#m G#mI'd like to add my initial to her monogram
F# C#m G#m ETell me where's the Shepard for this lost lamb
E E7/G# F#m AdimWon't you tell her to put on some speed
B A B EFollow my lead oh how I need
F#m E A E BSomeone to watch over me
F#m E C#m A ESomeone to watch over me
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