Sleeping At Last – Homesick chords

Em G
Em G

Em G Em G CYou spend your whole life just to remember the sound
Em G Em G CWhen the world was brighter, before we learned to dim it down
Em G Em G CCall it survival, call it the freedom of will
Em G Em G CWhere breath is our own, our compass needle standing still
Em G Em G C
Em G/G# Em G COur resignation only comes on beaten paths
Am D Am D
Am D Am DWhen the world was flat we dreamt of images
Em G Em G CIf love's elastic, then were we born to test its reach?
Em G Em G CIs it buried treasure or just a single puzzle piece?
Em G Em G CIt's poison ivy beneath our brave and trusting feet
Em G Em G CAll revelations come to us in recovery
Am D Am DCry wolf, cry mercy, cry the name of the one you were raised to believe
Am D Am DCry heart, cry yourself to sleep, cry a storm of tears if it helps you breath
Em G Em G C If it helps you, if it helps you breath
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