Mind chords with lyrics by Sleeping At Last - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Sleeping At Last – Mind chords

Dm F C G

[Verse 1]
Dm F C GFirst, the ground rules get established
Dm F C GMemory is historically inaccurate
Dm F CBut repetition, repetition sings
G Dm F C GTill finally the melody is sacred, rooted, unchanged
[Verse 2]
Dm F C GPatterns form and feel important
Dm F C GThe starting lines of a living blueprint
Dm F CAll this information in formation is key
G Dm F C GTo draw a distinction between waking life and our dreams
DmOur dreams
[Verse 3]
Dm F C GIt overwhelms the nervous system
Dm F C GThis fearful constant state of comparison
Dm F CIn our grey matter, all grey matters
G DmAn embarrassment of riches in our heads
F C GWe gravitate to black or white instead
[Verse 4]
Dm FWe were designed to send mixed signals
C GOne image made up of different pixels
Dm F C GAll subject to interpretation
Dm F CTill binary systems, binary systems run
G Dm F C GAnd the vibrancy of everything becomes zeros and ones
Dm Am C GPatterns form and feel important
Dm Am C GIt'€™s the first brush stroke of a self-portrait
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