Slowly Slowly – Chamomile chords

F#m You had it coming
A Something for nothing
D A E D Shaky hands cup the water and chamomile leaves
A EYou labeled the jars wrong
F#m A D EComplacent songs, sour tongues sing along
[Verse 1]
F#m A Dust the skirting boards, sweep the vinyl floors
D A E D Soak it up in a garden of chamomile my love
A EYou've been working at your smile
F#m A DIt's cold and mild
EIt ain't worth while
[Verse 2]
F#m A Struck by light, cold harsh and white
D A E D Seen from space in a garden of chamomile flowers
A EI'll slip through the hole in your chest
F#m A E DWatch your steps
EWasps in a nest
[Verse 3](this doesn't represent strumming pattern)e|-------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------|G|11---------7---------7---------9-----|D|11---------7---------7---------9-----| Play 3 timesA|9----------5---------0---------7-----|E|9----------0---------0---------7-----| Shoulders chaffing...When your husband comes home, he will turn in your bed
e|-----------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------|G|11---------7---------9-------------7-----|D|11---------7---------9-------------7-----|A|9----------5---------7-------------0-----|E|9----------0---------7-------------0-----| I heard the drawers on the floor
E And the downstairs door, we're done for
[Verse 4]
A D E F#m ARiiip the leaves off the trees
D A E F#m A DMaaade to keep sounds in the homes full of holes
A ESee the pink smoke out chimneys from the gingerbread cities
F#m AWhere the invites fall flat
D AIce glued to Windows and ears stuck to speakers
E DJust to stay in tact
EWell bad luck for black cats
F#m A Static shocks on the locks
D A E D I'll keep you captive in cups of hot chamomile my love
A ESpeak between sips, speak so soft
F#m A DYour love is lost
ABut your not
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