Afterglow tab with lyrics by Small Faces - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Small Faces – Afterglow tab

(small faces)

capo 1st fret

intro C Bm7 C D--------------0-----2-|-----1-----3--1-----3-|-----0-----0--0-----2-|---2-----0----2-----0-|-3-----2------3-------|----------------------|
verses D C G D-------2-------------------0-------------3---3---------3-2-3-2-3-2-3-2-|-----3-----3-------------1---1-------------0---------3-----------------|---2---------2---------0-------0-------0-------0---2-------------------|-0-------------0-0---2-----------2---0-----------0---------------------|-------------------3---------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------3-----------------------------------|(1)love love is all around me everywhere(2)you yes you have always been here feeling deep inside
Bm G C Bm7 A--------------------------------------------|-------3---3--------------------1-------3-2-|-----4---4---------4---4------0-------0---2-|---4-------------5---5------2-------0-----2-|-2-------------5----------3-------2-------0-|-------------3------------------------------|love has come to touch my soul with someone who really caresa feeling that i could not see or touch or try to find
pre chorus F#m G Em A no one can deny us people who once passed us by will turn there heads round my love is in and around you i bless the day that i found you its ok babe chorus D E G A im happy just to be with you and loving you the way i do theres everything i need to know just resting in the afterglow of your love(intro) bridge G D A love is like a voice in my head G D A keeps turning off the things tht we said C G D C G D A C A C abc_tabs
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